Wooden Train with your Child’s FIVE (5) Letter Name Including Engine & Caboose


These natural wooden letters are perfect for personalised gifts.
Bedroom or Nursery decor, Home Decor, Baby Showers, Birthdays or Christening gifts.
These train letters are made from carefully sourced material and in its natural condition.

Each letter carriage is approximately in 45mm width x 55mm height, the caboose is approximately in 45mm width x 50mm height and the Engine is approximately in 57mm width x 43mm height.
Engine, caboose and carriages (letters) are all made from wood so there can be subtle differences in colour because of the natural colour of each piece of wood. The wheels are made of wood and are on a wooden axle so they do turn round – train can be played with but is more designed as an ornamental piece. Letters are linked together with a plastic hook and eyes screwed into each carriage.

Create your own Personalised Wooden Name Train for any occasion.

Make your very own Alphabet Name Train with Engine, Alphabet Carriages & End Caboose.
Simply purchase a complete train as listed and then message me with the name you would like. You are buying a FIVE letter name only with Engine & Caboose.

Please Note: This product is not a toy, it is for decorative purposes only.


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