Lets Go Fishing!! Wooden Magnetic Marine Fishing Game


This amazing wooden magnetic fishing game is a must have for any play area or nursery.
The set comprises of:
1 Wooden fishing box (comes in 4 pieces which are joined to make the “pond”).
2 Wooden fishing rods with a magnet at the ends.
12 different marine life, vivid, colourful, on the back different numbers are marked, help your child with understanding and remembering different kinds of marine life and numbers.

Children can play games like who can catch the most fish, or catch most fish. Take it up a notch and use the numbers on the fish as points to see who has the most points. This set offers endless fun!

It helps improve hand-eye co-ordination
It promotes motor skills and logical thinking
It teaches perseverance – getting them to keep trying until they succeed
It teaches patience
It teaches children to share and take turns
It teaches numeracy, basic arithmetic skill, color shape recognition
Package Size: 30cm x 18cm x 10cm.
The benefits and reasons to buy educational toys for children are endless. Not only is it a fun experience that can be enjoyed by the child as well as their parents and the wider family, it also supports the early development and education of the child.



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